Save Jewish babies from death and defeat the Pharaoh's decree

Pharaoh’s decree lives on...
Save Jewish babies from death and defeat the evil decree
Help prevent abortions

For 41 years, EFRAT has been active in bringing life and light to thousands of Jewish homes by helping women keep their pregnancies and have their babies.

The main reason today that women in Israel consider terminating their pregnancy is financial distress. Financial struggle brings thousands of prospective mothers to the brink of a decision to end their child's life.

EFRAT supports women with the help of hundreds of volunteers, some of whom have been in this heart-wrenching position themselves. The organization commits to supporting women emotionally as well as practically, delivering equipment and supplies directly to their home at the time of the birth and for 24 months afterwards.

Yet EFRAT's work needs funds. The organization cannot currently provide support to all the women who need it.  Your contribution is crucial.  Every bit of help leads to another life saved. It is hard to believe that with a sum of $1,200, EFRAT can support a woman to save her baby; a baby who will grow up to be a thriving member of his or her family and people.

We ask you to become partners in saving Jewish children. In these times, when our people continue to be attacked, it is our duty to stand in solidarity to save Jewish lives.

Please take advantage of the end of the current financial year to receive tax returns on contributions to EFRAT.

EFRAT is a registered non-profit organization with tax exemption:

IN ISRAEL - Efrat's tax exemption number is 58-000936-3.

IN THE UNITED STATES – Efrat's tax exemption number is 22-3431457

IN CANADA - Crib Canada       BN: 844902825RR0001

IN ENGLAND - Efrat's registered charity number is 1100736.

For further details, please see Efrat's website

  US: 718-6977-022
  Israel: 02-653-6212



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